A Martian Talking Book, embodying the Chronicle of Mars, guides us on a journey into “a past that’s yet to come” to witness the longing and loneliness inherent in Earth’s conquest of the red planet.

THE STORY BEGINS as manned rockets from Earth approach Mars for the first time, and a Martian woman dreams she is visited by a beautiful young astronaut; a young archeologist turns vigilante after finding himself and his crew guilty of genocide; an old man retires to Mars to run a gas station in the middle of a timeless desert; a truck driver confronts a Martian ghost in a long-dead city; a family abandons earth to escape Armageddon, and chooses an empty city on Mars, where the father reveals they have not come for a vacation and shows them the last remaining Martians ­– their own reflections in the canal.

composer: Daniel Levy         librettist: Elizabeth Margid

running time: 100 minutes      cast: 8     orchestra: 7

production: minimal set, prominent video and projections

OUR MOST RECENT PAST PERFORMANCE: At the renowned Cornelia Street Cabaret on June 9, 2013On our way to a full theatrical production, concert-style performances are our next step, and opportunity is knocking: Nobel laureate Roald Hoffman and composer David Soldier (Columbia University) invited us to take part in their popular Entertaining Science series. We performed 30 minutes of music with a cast and live orchestra of six, followed by a presentation by Professor Jim Bell (Arizona State University, Cornell), an active planetary scientist who has been as close to Mars as any human being, though his leading role in the Mars rovers Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity missions. Jim shared some of the startling and haunting images from his books “Postcards from Mars” and “The Space Book”, showcasing the surface of the terrestrial planet not that far away from us

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